Why and how of brand building for small businesses

Small business owners tend to be a one man or woman show and the focus is on making the business sustainable and profitable. For a small business owner or first time entrepreneur brand building can help them in reaching to greater audience and acquiring customers. It could seem like a daunting task so let’s look at brand building at macro level. This is first in series of online brand building.

What drives you? Share your vision. Let your customer’s know why you decided to start a business, is entrepreneurship your calling or a social cause or a new product idea that you feel passionately about.

What’s unique about your product? There are tonnes or product/services available at customers fingers tip as marketplaces makes it easy for customers to acquire products and get them delivered on their doorstep when they want. Know how your product is better than the similar products available in the market, is your product/service competitively priced, can you offer next day or specific time slot delivery. Always remember know your product before you show your product 😉

Make social media your friend – In today’s day and age, we tend to think of the world as a global village and you can reach people far and wide. Before you create a social media brand page

  • Know your target audience (age, demographics, personas who are likely to engage with your page etc).
  • Create a content map – Keep It Simple. Share why your product is unique, share your journey as an entrepreneur, humour goes a long way so share some funny memes, behind the scenes videos/pictures etc.
  • Engagement – Connect with customers, local community and other entrepreneurs even with competition to understand what is working for their audience.
  • Test, Measure, Evaluate – Test your content on your site, A/B test for email campaigns, understand your data (which content worked for you – identify posts with higher engagement and lower engagement and find ways to create content with higher engagement), evaluate your content to identify patterns in time/day when you see higher engagement, conversions, profile visits, subscribers, and followers.

Don’t be afraid – It’s not easy to put yourself out there but Brands and Businesses are made of people so let that charm and personality show through your content. If you are small business owner or marketeer please feel free to leave your feedback or questions in comments.

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