Pinterest Marketing – the open secret!

If you would like your social media team to invest time and resources on Pinterest then your first first step should be to check if Pinterest audience and marketing tactics align with your business.

Determine your business objectives

Examples of business goals :

  • “Change the audience composition – identify the % change required”
  • “Increase sales by 30% to women over 25.

Every time you create a marketing strategy for a specific social media channel ask how this can benefit the business in reaching its goals. This is important to help you create BOARDS for your account.

Boards are similar to Mood Boards, you have to add Pins under each Board and create interesting descriptions to engage with prospective customers and followers.

Conceptualise, Create, Curate,

Create eye catching titles – Understand what your audience cares about and combine this with what you have to offer. Create a list of topics before you start creating or repinning.

Pins – When you’re Pinning, add some descriptions in your Pin and relevant hashtags. These hashtags are clickable and work as another search reference. Simple thumb rule is to create one pin and repin 4-5 pins from other accounts.

Here are some tips for building community on Pinterest:

  • Content Map – Curate content from other Pinners whose audience is same/similar to your target audience. Use that as an “inspiration” to create your own content.
  • Follow other Pinners – Save and Comment on their Pins
  • Find your niche – again create, curate and be original.

Writing Pin Descriptions

If you would like to be discovered on Pinterest it’s important to write an awesome description:

  1. Simple rule aim to write 300 characters or more.
  2. Beautiful imagery, positive and funny quotes get most CTRs and Saves.
  3. Add a Link if you would like to redirect the traffic to your site or make the Pin clickable.
  4. CTA – Call to action make it bold, beautiful, attractive and unmissable.
  5. Keywords – know your audience and use the terms that your audience is searching.
  6. Grow but share the love. When you repin, say thank you 🙂